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100% Uptime Guarantee

We make sure that our clients are happy at all times. If any of our solutions give a problem it is resolved immediately.

Safe and Secured

Access to our APIs is restricted using JWT tokens. We also guarantee end-to-end encryption within the data center to prevent passive spying

Our Dedicated Support

Our line is always available and always here to assist you remotely so that your business goes on... no lags

Pricing Plans

Our Best Pricing


P 129.98 Start Up Get Started

Enjoy All The Features

  • 150 GB Bandwidth
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Backup Manual


P 289.98 Small Business Get Started

Enjoy All The Features

  • 250 GB Bandwidth
  • 400 GB Storage
  • Backup Manual


P 478.95 Medium Business Get Started

Enjoy All The Features

  • 450 GB Bandwidth
  • 500 GB Storage
  • Free domain Annual


P 899.99 Large Business Get Started

Enjoy All The Features

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 TB Storage
  • Free domain Annual

What We Do

Professional. Beautiful. Efficient

Design can have a huge impact on people's lives - and our approach is to make sure it's a positive one

Donal Knutch said " Computers are good at following instructions but not your mind ", worry less! We'll do the honors, we talk computer language - let us intermediate

Branded. Secure. Reliable

Get professional email hosting services and create mailboxes that match your domain name. Boost the trust of your brand and promote it with every sent email!

Worry less about other websites clogging up the server’s CPU and RAM. With a dedicated server, you can be sure that bad scripts running on another website or spikes in bandwidth usage won’t slow your server down.

Solutions That Meet Yours Needs

We offer advice to organizations on how best to use information/computer technology in achieving their business objectives.

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